1. How Armies Eat

A unique look at what goes in the bellies of the world’s soldiers: Rice salad, creole-style pork, liver-sausage, goulash, chicken tikka, vegemite, Tooty Frooties, and the eternal promise of three-year pizza. But the offerings aren’t quite what they seem. (The Guardian)

2. A Miserable Coexistence?

Lawsuits, initiatives, interventions, ballots, referendums, test cases and impact studies. GMOs and organics make for nervous neighbors. (Bloomberg)

3. Chicken, Beef, Pork, Turkey and Little Else

Are we a country of disappearing meat? Bring on the rabbit and fried squirrel — and be quick about it. (io9)

4. Farm Boy’s Mysterious Death

When 6-year-old Harry Starrett was found unconscious by his grandfather on the floor of their milking parlor in July 2013, the immediate suspicion was on slurry gas. Starrett collapsed within 15 minutes of entering the parlor, but months later an inquest has yet to find a cause of death. (Belfast Telegraph)

5. Worshipping at the Gluten-Free Altar

Girl Scout cookies and vodka are just the latest: Gluten-free sales totaled $10.5 billion in 2013, and the majority of customers don’t even have celiac disease. (New York Times)