1. Coping With Tragedy

Despite losing several limbs in a haystack mover accident, 36-year-old Matt Fisher is getting on with life and not looking back. (Washington Times)

2. Bodies Beneath the Vineyard

So maybe a few deep holes have been dug in the rows, but who’s counting in a Cosa Nostra vineyard? The Italian government is allowing farmers to cultivate confiscated mafia land. (Modern Farmer)

3. Would You Eat Green Eggs?

GM eggs would end the controversy over killing billions of male chicks. (The Guardian)

4. You Can’t Stop Spam Love

About $235 million worth of Spam sold in South Korea in 2013. Forget Coke and Kentucky Fried Chicken; gelatinous Spam rules in South Korea: “Here, Spam is a classy gift you can give to people you care about during the holiday.” (New York Times)

5. Bees Under the Lens

Absolutely beautiful. Some of the best tight bee shots ever taken. (National Geographic)