1. Death of a Farm

Fade to black: The end is near for fifth-generation producer Rob Koithan's small dairy farm, in operation since 1853. (The Buffalo News)

2. Bean Blessing for Biotech

New soybeans may bring boost biotech’s image by taking benefits directly to the consumer. (New York Times)

3. Rancher Slain

Rancher Robert Krentz was found near midnight, his body lying on the ground with his feet still inside his ATV. He was shot twice; his dog once. The only sign of his murderer was a set of footprints. (Arizona Republic)

4. The Man Behind The Judgment of Paris

In 1976, promoter Steven Spurrier had no idea he was lighting the fuse on a California wine industry explosion: “I invited all the press, but they didn’t think California wines were even worth coming to taste …” (Wine-Searcher)

5. Vegetable Hysteria

Once under the radar, mutagenesis is raising regulatory eyebrows. (Businessweek)