Western Growers President and CEO Tom Nassif released a statement following the announcement of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan by California Governor Jerry Brown and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar:

"We applaud the leadership of Governor Brown and Secretary Salazar and the hard work of the state and federal agencies that have worked so well in partnership. The Bay Delta Conservation Plan has reached an important milestone that would have remained elusive without this leadership and focus.

(For more, see: California water system gets rigorous environmental review)

"The BDCP is the most promising strategy for achieving the co-equal goals of Delta ecosystem restoration and reliable water supplies for the cities and farms that rely on the federal and state projects.  We have come farther than many thought possible, yet so many critical questions remain.  Ensuring a reliable and affordable water supply is crucial for the farmers who will shoulder much of the cost of a new conveyance facility, and the ecosystem benefits of the project can only be realized if both co-equal goals are met.  The hardest work lies ahead, and we look forward to the continuation of the leadership that has brought us this far."