• Continuing Fiscal year 2012 awards


  • Tuskegee University: Small Farm Outreach, Training and Technical Assistance Project


  • Alabama A&M University: Facilitating Equitable Access to USDA Programs, Resources and Markets for Socially Disadvantaged



  • Silas H. Hunt Community Development Corporation: Community Development Small Farm Outreach Program



  • Santa Cruz County Resource Conservation (MANA): MANA: Outreach to Spanish Speaking Farmers in the Central Coast - Phase III


  • National Hmong American Farmers: Bridge the Gap: Connecting Small Farmers to USDA Resources II


District of Columbia

  • Rural Coalition: To assist SDFR in owning and operating successful farms; improve participation in USDA programs; and provide outreach and education on USDA class action lawsuits and claims processes.


  • National Immigrant Farming Initiative, Inc.: Building Partnerships for Rural Prosperity with Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers



  • Delaware State University: Outreach and Technical Assistance for Delaware's Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Forest Landowners



  • New North Florida Cooperative Association, Inc.: Effective Utilization of USDA Programs to Facilitate Farm to School and Other Market Opportunities for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers


  • North-South Institute: Technical Assistance, Training and Outreach to Socially Disadvantaged and Limited Resource Farmers and Ranchers in Florida and Selected Border Counties in Alabama and Georgia.



  • Federation of Southern Cooperatives, Inc.: Technical Assistance to African-American Farmers and Ranchers in Southwest Georgia to Advance Viability of their Operations and Participation in Federal Programs


  • Fort Valley State University: Changing Socially Disadvantaged Farmers Educational and Technological Approach to USDA Programs

(Web Based)


  • Southwest Georgia Project: Production and Marketing Development of Socially Disadvantaged Women Farmers in Southwest Georgia



  • University of Hawaii: Outreach and Assistance in Tropical Pasture and Livestock Management for Pacific Islanders


  • Pacific Gateway Center: OTTUS (Outreach To The Under Served Project)



  • Southern University Agricultural Research & Extension Center: Outreach and Assistance to Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers in Louisiana



  • University of Maryland, Eastern Shore: Small Farm Training Institute for Limited Resource and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers



  • Lincoln University: Continuing to Promote USDA Outreach Programs and Sustainable Agriculture.



  • Alcorn State University: Supplemental Grant to Launch Phase I of the Establishment of the Policy Institute for Rural Communities and Small Farmers and Ranchers.


  • Winston County Self Help: Energizing Rural Communities with Outreach and Assistance



  • Little Big Horn College: Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers 2012 to 2013


North Carolina

  • Operation Spring Plant: Developing Tools Boxes for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers in Selected North and South Carolina and Georgia Counties.


  • NCABL Land Loss Prevention Project: From Discrimination to a Future in Farming II


  • Black Family Land Trust, Inc.: Wealth Retention and Asset Protection program for African American farmers and landowners in AL, MS, and SC


  • Whitaker Small Farm Group, Inc.: Hands on Training: Assisting Socially Disadvantaged Farmers in Successful Farm Ownership and Operation.


New Mexico

  • Hispanic Farmers Ranchers of America: HFRA'S Socially Disadvantaged Farmers & Ranchers Settlement Project in Conjunction with USDA- OAO


  • Taos County Economic Development Corporation: TCEDC's Value-Added Learning Center for Outreach & Education


  • New Mexico Acequia Association: Improving engagement of Hispanic farmers and ranchers in USDA.


New York

  • National Audubon Society: Audubon Arkansas NATIVE (Native Agriculture to InVigorate Ecosystems) Project



  • National Network of Forest Practitioners: Southern Outreach and Assistance Resources for Forestry Project



  • Oklahoma Black Historical Research Project, Inc.: Enhancing communication and access to USDA programs for small and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers in Oklahoma


  • National Women in Agriculture Association: Outreach Education for Beginning, Young & Minority Farmers, Ranchers and Producers


South Carolina

  • United Farmers USA: USDA program enhancement project for SC socially disadvantaged farmers, beginning farmers, ranchers, forest land owners, veterans, and youth.



  • Virginia State University: Outreach, Training, and Technical Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers, Ranchers, and Forest Landowners in Virginia



  • Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council: Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council Agricultural Outreach Program