The Senate passed (87-13) a sixth resolution (H.J. Res. 48) that will keep the government running through April 8. The measure is identical to the one passed by the House (271-158). The president signed the bill into law.

In addition to funding government operations and programs, the CR also includes spending reductions totaling $6 billion. Included in the $6 billion is $3.5 billion in program cuts and terminations. They range from $50 million at the Corp. for Public Broadcasting to $276 million for flu funding to $200 million for Wildland Fire Suppression. Another $2.6 billion in savings was found by eliminating earmark account funding that was automatically renewed in the CR approved last December. The earmarks were within the Agriculture, Commerce/Justice/Science, Financial Services/General Government, and Interior subcommittee jurisdictions.

The House Appropriations Committee’s March 11 news release includes a summary of the program reductions and terminations in H.J. Res. 48. That summary is available on the NCC’s website at