Monterey County, Calif. may not be known for its ample avocado production, but the guacamole-making fruit made big news recently as production on 237 acres skyrocketed in volume harvested and overall value.

Though nowhere near Monterey County’s Top-10 list in overall value, avocado production rose from 1.67 tons per acre to just over six tons per acre in 2013. Coupled with an almost $600 per-ton price boost from the previous year, total avocado value climbed 421 percent to slightly more than $3 million.

Add to avocado’s massive increase the value boost in nine of Monterey County’s top-10 commodities, and the coastal region’s total agricultural value grew 9 percent to more than $4.38 billion in 2013, according to the latest report issued by Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner Eric Lauritzen. 

Though Lauritzen cautions that crop values vary from year to year based on many factors, strong market factors and even-to-slightly higher production numbers by crop helped push up the total crop value in the county.