From the Los Angeles Times:

The three young workers sank into a funnel of corn that pulled them down like quicksand toward the bottom of the giant grain bin.

Wyatt Whitebread, 14, started screaming as the kernels moved past his chest, up his chin and over his head within a matter of seconds.

"We're going to die," moaned Alejandro "Alex" Pacas, 19, who had jumped into the sinkhole to try to pull Whitebread out.

"Hold on," said Will Piper, 20, who also rushed to the boy's aid. "Help is coming soon."

But rescue came too late for Pacas and Whitebread, who perished that sweltering summer day in Mount Carroll in northern Illinois, sparking renewed concern by regulators over grain bin accidents — a workplace hazard that is little-known outside farm country.

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