If you’re not happy with the Federal EPA you have lots of company. When the new administration came onboard in 2009 one of the first thoughts that came to mind was how agriculture would be treated. It seemed like environmental groups were getting bolder even before Obama took office. In an April 2 article (EPA slammed in House hearing) in Western Farm Press, members of the House Agricultural Committee showed complete contempt for EPA’s actions. California Rep. Jim Costa took EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to task for “agency activism.” He went on to say, “You want to have jurisdiction over an issue but the law may not quite say so … So you settle suits that allow you to then go pursue a course of action that you may not have within the law.”

Illinois Rep. Tim Johnson called EPA “the poster child for usurpation of legislative authority.” Wisconsin Rep. Reid Ribble didn’t mince words when he said, “I’ve never been in a committee hearing quite like this where everyone agrees you’ve got problems … The American people don’t trust you. You need to hear that and take it back.”

It’s nice to know that members of Congress are looking out for agriculture.