Keep your plan at your site. Tip: If you are eligible to self-certify your plan, and no aboveground container at your farm is greater than 5,000 gallons, then you may use the plan template available to download from the EPA at:

Oil spills can be prevented by installing dikes or berms around bulk storage containers or by using sorbent materials, drip pans, or curbing in oil transfer areas.  Periodically inspect and test pipes and containers and develop measures to prevent container overfills.

In the event you have an oil spill, activate your SPCC Plan to prevent oil from reaching the water body, and implement spill clean-up procedures. If oil gets into the water, notify the NRC at 800-424-8802 immediately, as well as local and state officials.  Notify EPA Region 6 in writing if oil spilled to water is greater than 1,000 gallons in a single event or greater than 42 gallons on two different occasions within a 12 month period.

All farms and other agricultural facilities must prepare and use an SPCC Plan that meets suggested guidelines by November 10, 2011.  More information is available at the SPCC website for agriculture at: