The Aerojet General Corporation site covers 8,500 acres near Rancho Cordova, 15 miles east of Sacramento, and is about half a mile from the American River.  Since 1953, Aerojet and its subsidiaries have manufactured liquid and solid propellant rocket engines for military and commercial applications and have formulated a number of chemicals, including rocket propellant agents, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and other industrial chemicals.  In addition, the Cordova Chemical Company operated chemical manufacturing facilities on the Aerojet complex from 1974 to 1979.

Both companies disposed of unknown quantities of hazardous waste chemicals, including TCE and other chemicals associated with rocket propellants, as well as various chemical processing wastes. Some wastes were disposed of in surface impoundments, landfills, deep injection wells, leachate fields, and some were disposed by open burning.

Involvement and public input from the local community has been an important part of the cleanup.  The Community Advisory Group for Aerojet Superfund issues meets bimonthly to exchange information with regulatory agencies and Aerojet on the current status of and community concerns regarding the investigation and cleanup of area groundwater contamination. To get further information on this group, contact Janis Heple, chairperson, at (530) 757-8602.

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