With this recent Colorado outbreak, the California cantaloupe industry is committed to working even harder to improve the safety of our product throughout all growing regions both domestically and internationally. In light of the FDA findings, it is clear that more outreach can be done to further educate and remind farmers and food safety consultants about the importance of diligently following proper food safety practices. California producers are also committed to funding even more research wherever it is needed to improve safety as well as share our California industry-funded research results with anyone who is interested.

Our farmers, packers and shippers want to extend our sympathies to all the victims of this outbreak and their families.  These families will be in our thoughts constantly as we take steps to ensure this never happens again.  For its part, the California cantaloupe industry is committed to continuing to put safety as its top priority. We plan to work with the worldwide cantaloupe industry to improve the safety of all cantaloupes.  The California Cantaloupe Advisory Board and the California Melon Research Board have already committed an additional $200,000 in research funding to the Center for Produce Safety over the next four years specifically earmarked to find new and better ways to improve the safety of melons.  The California cantaloupe industry has also begun an immediate review of our internal practices so we can further assure our customers that our cantaloupes are safe.