A recent poll that indicates California voters favor spending public tax monies to upgrade and modernize the state's water supply system is good news for farmers, according to the state's largest farm water organization.

"Even after two years of normal rainfall that followed several years of drought and water delivery cutbacks to farmers and urban water users alike, California voters recognize the need to improve our water supply system," said Mike Wade, executive director of the California Farm Water Coalition. The organization represents more than 5 million of the 8 million irrigated acres in California.

A survey conducted last month of 1,000 registered voters by the Field Research Corporation on behalf of the Association of California Water Agencies reveals that 75 percent are concerned about water. Furthermore, 84 percent agreed that California must invest in its water infrastructure to ensure a reliable water supply for the future.

"Water supplies that were reduced to farmers because of the recent drought and environmental regulations emphasize the need to improve our delivery system," Wade added. "The result was over a quarter-million acres of productive farmland went barren and farmworkers lost their jobs.  That was bad news for a struggling California economy."

A bond measure is scheduled for the November 2012 ballot that would raise funds to improve the water delivery system and also provide money to complete studies that could lead to an increased storage system.

A large majority of the voters surveyed, 62 percent, believe investing billions of dollars in a state water bond package would be worth it to ensure reliable water supplies now and into the future," stated an ACWA news release announcing the poll results.

"We cannot delay in moving forward in securing California's future water supply," insisted Wade. "Once voters approve the 2012 water bond, it will be years before California experiences the results. We must move forward to provide the jobs and water that Californians deserve."

The survey findings can be found by clicking here.