Where am I going with this? The above are just a few examples of the outreach efforts taken by industry to work with, and enlighten, state regulators about the actual field experiences that commercial growers live through, day in and day out, and to make them aware of the farming conditions that they are expected to understand and regulate.

And one key vehicle for doing this is WPHA’s Summer Regulatory Conference that is held every year in Sacramento that brings together members of the crop protection industry and state and local government regulators.

This year the conference was held July 26-27, at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento, and from all indications it was a huge success. Some 80 attendees and two dozen speakers participated in the day and-a-half conference in downtown Sacramento.

The meeting gave participants a chance to learn about what’s new in the arena of state regulations regarding agriculture – specifically pesticides – and to meet and network with friends, business associates and state regulators themselves. Chris Reardon, chief deputy director of DPR, was the keynote speaker at the event, and discussed a wide range of issues, especially focusing in on the new government administration under California Gov. Jerry Brown.

He also discussed various lawsuits that have been filed against DPR, the most recent being a challenge against the new fumigant methyl iodide that has been registered in California to replace ozone-depleting methyl bromide.

Also addressing the crowd was Jim Houston, CDFA deputy secretary.  He said under the new leadership of Karen Ross, CDFA is “beefing things up in the area of science” so the department can be “more of a voice for agriculture in the state.” He said he prefers to take a “holistic” approach to agriculture, believing that all aspects of the industry need to exist in a “friendly atmosphere.”