While Arizona is on a list to receive over $98 million in Farm Bill funding to rehabilitate dams that provide critical infrastructure and protect public health and safety, California will receive none of the Natural Resources Conservation Service funding.

The announcement to give $262 million to 26 states for flood protection, water quality and infrastructure improvements was made in Oklahoma by NRCS Chief Jason Weller and U.S. Representative Frank Lucas, chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture.

“This investment will protect people and property from floods, help keep our water clean, and ensure that critical structures continue to provide benefits for future generations,” Weller said. “Families, businesses and our agriculture economy depend on responsible management of dams and watersheds, and we are continuing to provide that support to these communities.”

Other western states on the list include Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Wyoming.

A number of the projects to be funded are in Oklahoma and Weller noted that the state had the first full watershed plan and structure completed by USDA on private lands in the 1940s.