The base price of the GeoBlu Explorer system is $2,799.

The “bird in the box” base price includes the GeoBlu Explorer quadcopter with GPS; the ‘return home’ feature; ‘intelligent orientation’ control; flight controller-transmitter, a GoPro Hero 3+ camera with 16 gigabyte Micro SD card; stabilized camera gimbal; three flight batteries (about 30-35 minutes of total flight time); battery charger; and other items - all packed in a single watertight, airtight custom travel case.

The live-view goggles are a $599 option. Another add-on option ($349) allows the user to fly the UAV with an IOS or Apple interface. Basically, the user can operate the quadcopter with an iPhone or iPad, create a pre-determined flight path (waypoint navigation), and even edit the flight path ‘on the fly.’

Siegler says learning to fly UAV is fairly easy. It is similar to playing video games with a controller.

If you are not a ‘video gamer,’ Siegler includes a small-‘trainer’ UAV in the base package, plus a learning guide. You can basically learn how to fly it in your home.

“Learning to fly the UAV is like learning a golf swing,” Siegler claims. “It’s all muscle memory and hand-eye coordination. The trainer UAV helps with that.”

A suggestion – protect the valuables in the living room before you start.