The popular athletic apparel brand Under Armour made an about face this week with its announcement of a new line of performance apparel called Charged Cotton. The apparel line will include T-shirts and shorts for men and women and represents a huge step forward for cotton’s viability in the synthetic-dominated athletic apparel category.

Speaking about the collaboration, Cotton Incorporated president and CEO J. Berrye Worsham said, “Several years ago when we heard the (Under Armour slogan) ‘Cotton is the Enemy,’ it didn’t make us angry, it did make us more determined to make cotton products better (for athletic apparel). Cotton Incorporated has been thrilled to work with Under Armour to help bring Charged Cotton to consumers.”

The technology uses specially treated cotton fibers which wick away sweat just as well as synthetic shirts do. The line will be available in stores in March 2011.

The introduction of so-called technical cottons into the synthetic-dominated athletic apparel category is beneficial to multiple sectors of the supply chain. Brands are able to expand their selections with a natural fiber option, and cotton stands to gain market share in the athletic apparel category.

A recent Cotton Incorporated survey revealed that 97 percent of consumers would be willing to try cotton sports apparel that offered the same performance features as Under Armour’s synthetic brands.

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