Two new Genuity Bollgard II with Round-up Ready Flex cotton varieties are being released in 2011 in west Texas. Both are adapted to the High Plains, with excellent seedling vigor and easy to manage growth habits. These characteristics enable them to be a great fit in any growers production system.

CG 3006B2RF is a very early variety that fits best of the irrigated soils from Lubbock north into Kansas. This variety has excellent yield potential, and fiber quality.

CG 3156B2RFis an early-mid maturity variety that fits best on limited water to dryland soils in west Texas and Oklahoma. This variety has the ability to deliver yield even in those tough production systems, while maintaining excellent fiber quality. CG 3006B2RF and CG 3156B2RF both preformed excellent compared to the competitor checks in experimental testing in 2010.

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