Hutmacher says growers have widened that planting window by tweaking in-season plant growth regulator applications and irrigation management. “Growers are now saying April 25 may be alright and if their backs are against the wall, the first week of May may work because growers have learned how to make it work.”

“It is nice to not having fusarium rearing its ugly head quite as much,” Hutmacher says.

Wright likened what he has been seeing with glyphosate-resistant palmer amaranth to the situation in the Mid-South, especially in cotton right after Roundup Ready corn.

He encouraged growers to rogue fields of resistant Palmer amaranth or the problem will come home to roost permanently.

The weed junglerice is demonstrating resistance, particularly in Roundup Ready corn.

Both of these are growing and serious issues for field crop growers.

“We are starting to see these resistant weeds on roadsides and ditch banks. They will creep into fields from there,” he adds.

Wright encourages growers to use alternatives and not be complacent with a good herbicide technology like glyphosate resistance.