Turning to Dow AgroSciences, the company’s Phytogen Upland varieties with an agronomic fit for Arizona include PHY 375WRF and PHY 499WRF, says Dow’s senior sales representative John Reding. These varieties are Dow’s top sellers in Arizona and Southern California.

USDA says Dow Phytogen has a 14-percent Arizona market share.

PHY 375WRF, in its fourth year on the commercial market, is an early- to mid-maturity, easy to grow and manage variety with good heat tolerance, Reding says. The variety has performed well in central and western Arizona.

PHY 499WRF is a mid-maturity variety with good heat tolerance which has performed well in yield trials and commercial plantings. Reding says PHY 499WRF is a popular variety in Arizona and Southern California, and was the top variety planted in the U.S. in 2012 and 21013. 

PHY 339WRF is an early maturing, somewhat determinate variety introduced this year with a columnar, upright growth pattern. 

Reding says performance data on PHY 339WRF from plots and several commercial fields will be shared during Dow meetings with growers in January.

PHY 367WRF is another early maturing, bushy variety with medium height which has performed well in eastern Arizona.

Dyna-Gro cotton varieties

With about 2 percent of the Arizona market is Dyna-Gro cottonseed, a proprietary product from Crop Protection Services (CPS). Dominic Antongiovanni, CPS’ south-west division seed manager, shared the following cottonseed varieties for the Arizona market.

DG 2570 is a smooth-leaf, broadly adaptable, medium maturity variety with vigorous growth. It performs well in sandy and silt ground and adapts well to sub-par growing conditions.

Antongiovanni says DG 2610 offers a medium-to-full maturity with a semi-smooth leaf and a semi-tall plant type. It also grows well sandy and silt loams. Maximizing production with growth inhibitors is recommended in the early-growth cycle to maximize yield.

The DG 2595 variety offers medium maturity with a semi-smooth leaf and medium-to-tall plant height.

DG 2595 and DG 2285 have high yield potential under intense management, says Antongiovanni. DG 2285 is an early-maturing variety with a good fit for the short-growing season in the Yuma area and behind grain in Coolidge.


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