The latest California Crop Production Report from the National Agricultural Statistics Service released Aug. 11.


California's 2011 apple crop forecast is 140,000 tons, unchanged from 2010. Weather so far has been excellent for California apple development. The harvest for Granny Smith and Gala varieties began in early August. There has been low pest and disease pressure. The quality and size look very good.


2011 Upland cotton production in California is forecast at 625,000 bales, an increase of 64 percent from last year. Harvested acreage is estimated at 189,000 acres with a yield of 1,587 pounds per acre.

California’s American Pima cotton production forecast is 685,000 bales, up 48 percent from last year. Harvested acreage is estimated at 259,000 acres with a yield of 1,269 pounds per acre.


2011 wine-type variety grape production for California is forecast at 3.40 million tons, unchanged from the July forecast and down 6 percent from the 2010 crop.

The table-type grape production is expected to total 1.00 million tons, down 9 percent from the July forecast and down 1 percent from last year. Table grapes are being harvested.

The California raisin-type variety grape forecast is 2.05 million tons, down 7 percent from the July forecast and down 1 percent from last year.

The 2011 California grape crop is one to two weeks behind normal due to the cool and wet spring. Frost damage in the spring affected some areas of the state but the extent of the damage is still unknown.

Powdery mildew has been a problem for many growers due to the wetter than normal spring and mild summer temperatures.

The moderate summer temperatures have been good for berry development.  Insect pressure has been low.


California’s 2011 olive crop forecast is 65,000 tons, down 67 percent from last year. Growers started the growing season with expectations of a lower crop after last year's record production.

Weather conditions during the bloom period adversely impacted the crop. Many orchards were stressed after the previous crop and would not have produced an average crop under ideal growing conditions. Cool weather experienced during the beginning of the growing season set the crop’s development slightly behind normal.

The crop was looking more positive for growers intending to produce olive oil rather than canned olives. Agricultural practices common among olive oil producers seem to have played a role in limiting the impact of the olive’s alternate bearing cycle.


The forecast of the 2011 Bartlett pear crop in California is 190,000 tons, an increase of 12 percent from last year. The 2011 other pear forecast for California is 57,000 tons, up 14 percent from 2010.

A cooler than average California spring set Bartlett fruit development slightly behind normal; and delayed the start of harvest by one to two weeks. The Bartlett harvest began in the Sacramento Valley in the latter half of July. Harvesting is anticipated to start soon in the Lake and Mendocino regions.


Californiarice production forecast is 47.48 million cwt., up 7 percent from last year.


The forecast for California alfalfa hay production is 6.49 million tons, up 4 percent. Other hay is 1.98 million tons - unchanged.

Other crops

Corn for grain is 798,000 tons, down 19 percent; sugar beets at 1.08 million tons, up 7 percent; dry beans at 1.02 million cwt., down 30 percent; oats at 27,200 tons, down 28 percent; and barley at 99,000 tons, down 5 percent from last year.