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Chemiebabe (not verified)
on Sep 11, 2013

Where is the mercury contamination coming from? Mercury is not an ingredient used in pesticides except for some older seed treatments. I am pretty sure most of those have been phased out. Where I live in California we have a problem with mercury contamination from old, inactive mercury mines. California has been going after mine owners and making them clean up the mine sites. How ever I understand that won't eliminate the problem because mercury persists in the environment for a very long time. It has contaminated the San Francisco Bay to the degree that some sea food is not safe to eat because of the mercury contamination. So if JNG is concerned about mercury he or she needs to look beyond pesticides. Do the people living in Waimea eat a lot of fish? Have they had the drinking water tested? Was there ever any mining or other industrial use of mercury in the area? Has the air been tested for mercury or other heavy metals? Does Hawaii have an Ag. Dept. , an Air Pollution Control Dept. , or an EPA? What I am saying is you need to establish that there is a quantifiable problem, not just "I feel" kind of stuff. If there is a real problem it can be solved. Perception is not necessarily reality!

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