Imperial County had early transplants of cauliflower, plus the pre-irrigation of some lettuce fields and ground preparation for future lettuce production. In Tulare County, cucumbers and squash were harvested for the late market.

In Fresno County, processing tomatoes, cantaloupes, garlic, and onions were harvested. Watermelon, honeydew, and mixed melons grew as harvest was in full swing.

Good-sized garlic plus bell peppers were harvested. The yield is down about 60 percent on the acreage of red bells harvested versus green bells due to lower summer temperatures. Subsequent fields of tomatoes and peppers grew vigorously flowering and setting fruit. Carrots grew well.

Beds were prepared for the fall lettuce season. Sweet corn for consumption was at various stages of growth, and harvest continued while subsequent fields were planted.  Broccoli fields were prepared for fall planting. Some planted fields showed good development. Growers planted melon, cucumber, and squash transplants.

Summer vegetables including beets, bittermelon, chards, choys, kales, squash, eggplant, green, yellow and long beans, cherry tomatoes, daikon, tomatillos, and cucumbers were harvested.

No vegetables were harvested in Kern County’s Mettler quarantine area due to the melon fly. The area may be expanded.

Siskiyou County reported onions treated for thrips.