Citrus production in California for 2007-2008 is forecast as follows: lemons, 17 million boxes, up 6 percent; grapefruit, 5 million boxes, up 25 percent; Valencia oranges, 15 million boxes, up 36 percent; navel and miscellaneous oranges, 48 million boxes, up 41 percent; and tangerines, 5.1 million boxes, up 76 percent.

Arizona’s citrus crop for 2007-2008 is forecast as follows: lemons, 1.5 million boxes, down 40 percent from last season; grapefruit, 150,000 boxes, up 50 percent from last season; Valencia oranges, 100,000 boxes, unchanged; navel and miscellaneous oranges, 250,000 boxes, up 25 percent; and tangerines, 400,000 boxes, up 33 percent.

Forecast figures are from the National Agricultural Statistics Service – Arizona Field Office.