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San Luis Reservoir
in Farm Press Blog Dec 19, 2013

Will water crisis be California's third-world moment?

Will it take a major city running out of water before California lawmakers make the tough decisions they were elected to make?....More
Harvested garlic
in Farm Press Blog Dec 18, 2013

Why isn't the record corrected with the same passion?

When will we begin to push back on the food claims that blame perfectly healthy products for serious health woes?....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 11, 2013

Food is more than sustenance: it's social

Sacramento's Farm-to-Fork promises to set the table for better conversations between growers and consumers....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 11, 2013

What could dairy industry learn from Almond Board?

Almond industry is a shining example of how developing international markets can work to the benefit of producers....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 10, 2013

Could California freeze be good thing in ACP fight?

University research suggests that the Asian citrus psyllid can be fatally impacted by freezing temperatures in citrus groves....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 25, 2013

Water not available to meet social responsibilities

Just as the State of California was readying growers for what they pretty much expected – announcement of a 5 percent water allocation for....More
San Luis Reservoir
in Farm Press Blog Nov 14, 2013

Water conservation: It's not just for agriculture

Until urban water users are cut back to a fraction of their allocations, little will likely change in California water policy....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 12, 2013

When fixing the problem creates another one

How government fixes become the problem....More
Protest sign
in Farm Press Blog Nov 11, 2013

When disagreements abound over water

Drought conditions not the only reason water is in short supply for farmers, fish and homeowners alike....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 04, 2013

Farmland too often not seen for environmental benefits

Agriculture gets too little credit and too much blame for its environmental impacts....More
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