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in Farm Press Blog Jul 15, 2015

Telling farmers what to plant is not the solution

Telling farmers what to grow based on water use is not how you solve western water woes....More
in Farm Press Blog Jul 14, 2015

Winning battle against ACP/HLB will take effort

Fighting California's battle against the Asian citrus psyllid and Huanglongbing will take combined effort....More
California drought could be broken by El Nino
in Farm Press Blog Jul 02, 2015

Is California on tap for wet winter this year?

Predictions of El Nino suggest California and Arizona could see drought conditions greatly reduced by next year....More
Central Valley agricultural production leads the world
in Farm Press Blog Jun 30, 2015

Picking numbers and random thoughts

Today I wrote down on the white board I use for planning purposes what I think NASS will come out with tomorrow when the objective almond forecast is....More
Luxury Bay Area homes
in Farm Press Blog Jun 28, 2015

Part Two: The challenges of California's cultural chasm

A chasm of two worlds in California separates coastal elites from the rest of the state....More
Houseboat in dry dock on a California reservoir
in Farm Press Blog Jun 25, 2015

Part One: If words were water we would be wet

If California could convert all the words written on the Western drought into water; the state would be under water....More
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo School of Agriculture
in Farm Press Blog Jun 18, 2015

Ag colleges important to help address challenges

The importance of university Ag programs cannot be over-stated in a complex society....More
Rain-parched California will once-again see rain.
in Farm Press Blog Jun 13, 2015

Political sense more rare than water

While rains may restore water to a parched California, political common sense is extinct....More
Shasta Lake levels are much higher than in 1977.
in Farm Press Blog Jun 11, 2015

In spite of drought, California agriculture perseveres

Shasta Lake had much less water in it by this time in 1977 and still farmers on the Central Valley Project had irrigation water deliveries....More
Shasta Lake water levels continue to fall
in Farm Press Blog Jun 07, 2015

Is environmental activism speeding up extinctions?

Could environmental activism be speeding up extinctions?....More
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