Harry's 45-year journalism career covers both daily newspapers and agricultural magazines. He was Western Farm Press' first editor and has more than 35 years of experience covering all aspects of high value, irrigated Western agriculture. He is a former member of the California Chapter of the American Society of Agronomy executive council and recipient of the California Association of Pest Control Advisers' (CAPCA) Outstanding Contribution to California Agriculture. Born 7-7-43, Jacksonville, Fla. Raised in Texas where he attended the University of Texas. Harry was a reporter/state editor for newspapers in Texas and Arizona before moving to California in 1975 to begin his career as Western agricultural journalist. Married: 2 children, 5 grandchildren. Lives in Fresno, Calif. Contact Cline at Western Farm Press, 7560 N. Jackson, Fresno, CA 93720. Phone (559) 298-6070. Fax (913) 514-3641.

Posts by Harry Cline

in Farm Press Blog Jul 11, 2012

EWG resorts to begging for cash online

Environmental Working Group is panhandling for dollars online. Could EWG be running out of cash because people have become fed up with propaganda?....More
in Farm Press Blog Jun 22, 2012

California groundwater nitrate report more about past than present

The first inclination upon delivery of bad news is to shoot the messenger. Many a farmer wants to hypothetically do that as a pair of UC professors....More
in Farm Press Blog May 29, 2012

Environmental radicals have not heard final whistle

My friends at the Center for Food Safety, Beyond Pesticides, National Family Farm Coalition, The Cornucopia Institute, Dakota Resource Council,....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 30, 2012

$500 salmon versus $10 trout

I love fish stories. This one is a doozy. It is about dubious salmon that could be the world’s most expensive fish and thousands of remarkably....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 27, 2012

Fallout from mad cow scare hopefully short-lived

As with any food quality scare, the fallout is usually worse than the incident. Hopefully, the consequences of this mad cow crisis will be short-....More
in Farm Press Blog Apr 11, 2012

Don’t pick on the Buffetts, Jimmy or Warren

I envy both Warren and Jimmy. I wish I had Warren’s cash and Jimmy’s talent for not only singing, but turning Margaritaville into a multi-million....More
in Farm Press Blog Mar 28, 2012

Plenty of blame to go around for Midas’ demise

The recent announcement from Arysta LifeScience that it was immediately suspending sales of the fumigant Midas (methyl iodide) in the U.S. was really....More
in Farm Press Blog Mar 07, 2012

Brash SJV congressman shifts California water wars

Tulare, Calif., Congressman Devin Nunes crafts comprehensive legislation to give voice back to agriculture. Legislation moves to Senate where....More
in Farm Press Blog Feb 21, 2012

Show me an ‘unsustainable’ farmer

Sustainable has come to imply that there are those who farm correctly and those who do not. What is the antonym of sustainable? Unsustainable? When....More
in Farm Press Blog Jan 26, 2012

Domestic terror attack on cattle feeding operation chilling

The January terrorist attack on 14 trucks and trailers at Harris Feeding Co. near Coalinga, Calif., drew quick and unequivocal condemnation from many....More
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