Chris Bennett

Associate Editor, Western Farm Press

A native of Helena, Ark., Bennett is a graduate of Missouri State University.

He has been an associate editor with Farm Press for five years.

Posts by Chris Bennett

in Farm Press Blog Dec 12, 2013

Crazy ants are coming for you

There’s a new invasive kid on the block that swarms like a fire ant on crack — neurotic, unpredictable crazy ants, and their spread is on across the....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 10, 2013

Wine from a rock at Gorgona’s island prison

Gorgona's island prison requires toil and isolation; in return, it offers a wine salvation of sorts....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 09, 2013

Gun control and agriculture clash over homemade pistol

A farmer is headed to prison for keeping a homemade pistol and a shotgun without permits....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 05, 2013

Water sommeliers really exist (even in America)

Martin Riese has got high society hoodwinked or else he's a water whisperer — a sommelier extraordinaire....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 03, 2013

Farmland hides mobster for 10 years

Mobster Enrico Ponzo changed his name to Jay Shaw, put on a cap, grew a goatee, bought a tiny herd, and hoped farmland would hide him forever. It....More
in Farm Press Blog Dec 02, 2013

What are the greatest agriculture breakthroughs in history?

Agriculture should factor heavy in the 50 greatest inventions since the wheel....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 25, 2013

Oil tankers, not icebergs, a water scarcity solution?

Towing icebergs to ease water scarcity is yesterday; transporting water in supertankers is today....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 20, 2013

US agriculture readies for China’s baby boom?

A shift in China's one-child policy could have significant implications for U.S. agriculture....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 19, 2013

Harold Hamm, sharecropper to oil and fracking tycoon

The U.S. will pass Saudi Arabia and Russia as the No. 1 oil producer in the world in 2015. Harold Hamm — a sharecropper's son — has been a key player....More
in Farm Press Blog Nov 18, 2013

California: Home of the food lawsuit

California’s Northern District of California Food Court is a cash cow waiting to be milked and bilked....More
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