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Wine fakes didn’t begin or end with Rudy Kurniawan


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  • Policing wine fraud is a high-wire act despite heightened awareness, anti-counterfeiting specialists and new tech barriers.

Wine counterfeits follow demand and China has become destination No. 1 for fakes. And even though the wine auction action hasn’t shifted to Asia, Hong Kong is showing strong against London and New York. Expect wine counterfeiting stories to continue spilling out of China — and grow bigger.

Despite heightened industry awareness, efforts of counterfeiting specialists and use of technological barriers, policing wine fraud is a high-wire act. Writing at Decanter, Mike Steinberger’s summation is superb: “The counterfeiting problem didn’t begin with Kurniawan, and it won’t end with him. As long as there are people willing to pay thousands of dollars for a bottle of wine, there is going to be an incentive for other people to produce fakes. And the demand for rare wines is not going to dissipate anytime soon.”


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Maureen Downey (not verified)
on Sep 10, 2013

Thanks for the nod!
I must admit that I wholly disagree that sediment should 'show on one side." In my 14 years of fine & rare wine vetting and authentication experience - the caking of sediment on one side of a bottle is only a sign of heat damage. The sediment should fall in a properly stored wine such that you cannot see it in the glass. And what of wine that has been moved? so a wine that has been turned, with particular no sediment 'stain' is automitically fake? That is absolutely NOT my experience, nor do I find it a valid point of authentication.
I also dpo not think you can taste for authentication as is widely accepted & known in the industry.
That is my experiencew.

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