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Vile dog meat markets still thriving in China


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  • The dog meat markets in China are a wretched industry. The dog meat trade is thriving — even celebrated in some areas like the Yulin festival.

Forget cultural sensitivity; the dog meat markets in China are a wretched industry. Despite a shift in China’s cultural mores, the dog meat trade is thriving — even celebrated in some areas.

Dog consumption has long historical legs in China, and several other Asian countries. From the New York Times in 1897: “In Manchuria and along the Mongolian borders of China there are thousands of farms on which nothing is raised but dogs, of a breed peculiar to this region. Each proprietor keeps several hundred of them. They are of a large size, and when eight months old are killed, usually in mid-winter, for the sake of their skins.”

But it’s not 1897 any longer and “dog farmers” are still in business. Even as China’s middle class expands and pet ownership climbs, the dog meat trade is legal. Beijing has scores of restaurants that dish up dog meat stew; there is nothing underground about the dog trade. Dogs trussed up for butchering and dogs crammed in cages: a common sight in many Chinese markets.

Dog flesh, often referred to as “fragrant meat” is believed to have medicinal qualities: blood circulation, health boosts, and greater male fertility. (All the usual suspects; every market meat in China seems to cure impotence.)

Fan Xiantao owns a chain of dog meat restaurants in China. On live Shanghai television, Xianto said, “I’ve been butchering dogs since I was eight years old and I still do it now. Do you know how many dogs I butcher every year? No less than 100,000.” Xianto also told NPR how the dogs are killed: “The way we butcher dogs is not very cruel. We have a traditional method that’s very effective. Normally, we club them. We hit them in the head and kill them instantly.” Xiantao’s killing method is in line with the folk belief that clubbing a dog to death enhances the meat flavor due to surging adrenaline.


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It’s a glaring irony that while dog meat consumption continues and China has almost no animal cruelty laws on its books — dog ownership is rising. It’s a scenario filled with contradictions as Damien Ma writes in The Atlantic: “While many Chinese dogs owners think there is a contradiction between eating dog meat and owning a dog, others do not … one of my subjects has a small dog he adores, but at the same time he owns a Korean-Chinese restaurant where he serves dog meat on occasion.”

The contradictory sentiment is echoed in the NYT: ‘“We still eat dog, but not this kind of dog,’ Liu Ming, a pet shop salesman said, pointing to a toffee-colored puppy with floppy ears on sale for about 500 yuan, or $70. ‘We eat much bigger dogs.’”

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Paki intellect (not verified)
on Oct 19, 2013

So do they feed dog meat to the dogs and do the dogs eat it..?

Anonymous (not verified)
on Oct 28, 2013

This treatment of dogs is no different than the treatment of America's farm animals to Asiatic cultures. If Americans happen to have an issue with the intricacies of allowing uncurtailed immigration into America, then multiculturalism should be discouraged at times when what it includes is either loved or hated. Immigration not based on race cannot be based on independent culture.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 11, 2014

I do not see western cultures boiling lambs, calves and pigs alive, nor stuffing 50 into a tiny crate that is thrown to the ground from the top of one of those horrendous meat wagons, so that the animals inside can be tortured to death. You just need to see all the videos out there and then you will understand how wrong China is to do this. Unfortunately it is the Chinese government that fails to stop the torture and educate its people.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Mar 21, 2014

That's how they kill their chicken/lamb/pigs/cows too...
How do western cultures kill chicken/lamb/pigs/cows by the way?? Have you ever worked in the farming industry??

Anonymous (not verified)
on May 1, 2015

Canine tissue, regularly alluded to as "fragrant meat" is accepted to have restorative qualities: blood course, wellbeing supports, and more prominent male fruitfulness. (All the typical suspects; each business sector meat in China appears to cure barrenness.)

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