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Tom Seaver — pitcher’s mound to wine ground


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  • Tom Seaver, a baseball giant, has gone vineyard small and couldn’t be happier about it.

Jordan describes how Seaver was drawn to horticulture even during his baseball days: “… he was an avid gardener. He stuck galvanized nails into the dirt in flowerpots to give his flowers iron. He’d chew tobacco and spit the juice into the pots, saying it was good for the soil.”

Seaver’s wife Nancy runs the business side of the vineyard and “leaves notes all over the house to remind him of things” because despite the contentment and pleasure he’s pulled from the vineyard, the last few years haven’t been without difficulty. Seaver suffers from short-term memory loss — names and faces were often lost, and he feared the onset of dementia. But at the beginning of 2013, Seaver was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lyme disease, contracted from a tick bite 20 years earlier in Connecticut. Dormant for almost two decades, Lyme disease was pounding Seaver with “… memory loss, a sleep disorder, nausea and a general overall feeling of chemical imbalance.” Fortunately for Seaver, treatment is working, a mix of medicine and vitamins — but no more Cabernet allowed.

A baseball giant has gone vineyard small and couldn’t be happier about it. From the NYT: “Every night, when you close the gate and look back at the house,” Seaver said, his voice cracking and his eyes welling up with tears, “and you realize, ‘How cotton-picking lucky am I?’”

For Pat Jordan's complete article on Seaver, see The Constant Gardener


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*Photo courtesy of Tage Olsin, Wikimedia Commons


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