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Thank you Center for Food Safety for costing farmers millions

  • Ninth court rejects another attempt to ban RR alfalfa. Lawsuits cost farmers milions.

Please send a thank you note to Andrew Kimbrell, executive director, The Center for Food Safety, 660 Pennsylvania Ave. SE #302, Washington, D.C. 20003.

Thank him for the opportunity to spend far more money than necessary to control weeds in non-Roundup Ready alfalfa. And be sure to add special thanks for the chance to replant alfalfa stands that would have otherwise stayed in for another year or two had they been glyphosate-resistant. And, don’t forget to give him praise for lost income for not putting up extra high quality hay. Of course remind him of the environmental benefits of doing all of that as well.

If you would like to enclose a bill for all the wonderfulness Kimbrell and his band of lawyers afforded you, please keep a copy for your records for when the check comes in.

No guarantee, but it looks like Kimbrell and his band of parasitic government coffer marauders have lost the last and final round of their attempt to halt the sale of RR alfalfa. The U.S. Ninth Court of Appeals in San Francisco has upheld a lower-court ruling that unconditionally deregulated alfalfa genetically modified to withstand Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. The same court that created the chaos over RR alfalfa in the first place now says  agriculture officials correctly ruled that Roundup Ready alfalfa is not considered a plant pest, as plaintiffs had claimed.“The Court of Appeals’ ruling provides legal certainty for U.S. alfalfa growers,” said Kyle McClain, Monsanto’s chief litigation counsel, in an e-mailed statement to Bloomberg Businessweek. “The decision is an important reaffirmation of the federal government’s process for regulating biotechnology-improved crops.”


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The Plant Protection Act “does not regulate the types of harms that the plaintiffs complain of,” and the agriculture department correctly concluded that Roundup Ready alfalfa wasn’t a “plant pest,” the appeals court said in its written opinion. “Once the agency concluded that Roundup Ready alfalfa was not a plant pest, it no longer had jurisdiction to continue regulating the plant.”

Of course Mr. Kimbrell called the decision by his favorite appeals court an “irresponsible” one.

It would be nice if we could all break out in a Don Meredith rendition of “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.” However, this ruling is not likely to be the end of it. Too much government money to snatch to quit now. (Remember, the Center for Food Safety collected government money for at least one round win in this protracted battle). Kimbrell promises that his public trough feeders will pursue other avenues to “halt the sale and planting this harmful crop.” The horse is so far from the barn door, you need a spotting scope to see the equine’s posterior.

Be sure to enclose a self-addressed envelope in your thank you note  for Kimbrell’s freeloading gang to send you a check for the losses incurred while the center for socialism wasted your taxpayer money and time on your behalf. Sure, the check’s in the mail.


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Tom in IN (not verified)
on May 31, 2013

Well, this is a silly end-zone celebration.
Keep in mind how deep Monsanto is in our pockets. Keep in mind the rules of Retail, for if our Customers do not want our Products, we can give Monsanto "praise for lost income". It's BT corn is already Failing in the Northern Midwest and they have no Plan B - and we farmers no longer have real choices for other seed.
Talk about a "pest", Harry...

Mary Orcutt (not verified)
on May 31, 2013

Sorry to tell you Harry, but getting all riled up about government money and what's right and wrong may not be appropriate here. The finding of transformed wheat in Oregon, and the subsequen cancellation of Japan's wheat importation will only add fuel to the PR fire. I think we will need very public, unbiased (CDC?) studies to prove GMO's are safe (yes, again). Inflammatory rhetoric isn't going to help this. We need reasonable, communication now.

Anonymous (not verified)
on May 31, 2013

seriously! why is this article even being published? It's so over-the-top bias and slanderous that it's not fit for journalism and once again should be cast to wild-ass opinion posts like craigslist. Come on WFP! We want good reports of information not wild opinion and i'm clearly not the only one. RR plants are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to future problems if we keep going down this path... listen to the people! we are your customers and future workers!!! At least simply report the facts, not encourage people into writing bogus embarrassing letters out of ignorance and unjust opinionated standpoints... write your own letter crazy, we're not buying...

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