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Sad Web rant from someone who should know better


Table of Contents:

  • Los Angeles civil lawyer writes innacurate, reckless anti-GMO web piece.
  • Writer claims world food supplies can come from Russian-style home gardens.
  • Piece once again proves just because it is on the Web, does not make it the true.

Here’s one for your dubious “If it’s on the Web, it must be true” file.

Lately, socialist whackos have been trying a new anti-GMO, anti-Monsanto/”transnational” corporation scare tactic; “corporations are out to control the world’s food supply by reducing seed diversity,” whatever seed diversity means.

One of the latest is from a Los Angeles civil litigation (ambulance chaser) attorney Ellen Brown, who promotes herself as a highly skilled researcher. Her target has been primarily the world banking industry.

She crossed over to the GMO debate with a Web piece that cites obscure and questionable research that links “insidious” glyphosate to gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, heart disease, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s” and 33 more diseases.

There is no objectivity or balance in the article. It is a pathetic anti-GMO tirade in an attempt to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement that with 12 countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Peru, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Vietnam and the United States to liberalize trade.

If ratified, she says the TPP “would impose punishing regulations that give multinational corporations unprecedented right to demand taxpayer compensation for policies that corporations deem a barrier to their profits.”

She calls the chief agricultural negotiator for the U.S., Islam Siddiqui, a “former Monsanto lobbyist.” That is a lie. Dr. Siddiqui most recently served as vice president for science and regulatory affairs at CropLife America. (She also misspelled his name in the article. Great research.)

Siddiqui also worked with the U.S. Department of Commerce and he served the Clinton administration in several capacities from 1997-2001. He went to Washington after working 28 years for the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Dr. Siddiqui earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in plant pathology, both from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. His B.S. degree in plant protection is from Uttar Pradesh Agricultural University in Pantnagar, India.

Former Monsanto lobbyist hardly identifies Dr. Siddiqui.

However, the most preposterous part of Ms. Brown's research paper was how she said the world can produce food. Emulate the Russians, she says.

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Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 9, 2014

Harry, Harry,
you know a lot of us farmers are not pleased with GMO-seed, some of which are already Failing, having to pay Monsanto, Dow, etc Tripoli Pirate prices for our seed, et al., and now facing a seed market, which is, effectively, solely owned and operated by Monsanto & Dow.
Every season when planning our seed order, we find another generations-old seed company is now owned by either Monsanto or Dow.
We now face the tyranny of the minority ... or monopoly.
When GMO failure spreads, what is 'Plan B'?

Chemiebabe (not verified)
on Jan 9, 2014

How are the seeds failing? Can you be more specific? Trying to sound like you are a farmer by using poor grammar really does not work . You sound more like an urban whako with an anti GMO agenda. Just saying......

on Jan 9, 2014

The Russian garden issue is a red herring and dates back to when the only way Russians could survive with the collective farm approach was to grow their own food and hide it from the government, and even then they faced hunger and starvation.
Dr. Perry Stout (UC Berkeley and Davis) , one of the greatest minds of the 20th century who traveled widely in the USSR once stated that it could feed the world if it would switch to modern farming methods, like using selective herbicides, adequate fertilizer, and turning control of farming back to farmers instead of bureaucrats. The use of GMOed crops is just a modern extension that has to be adopted to various degrees if even more mass starvation is to be prevented.
The continuation of the Russian garden is one of necessity, and for those who live in the cities of the world, home gardens are just a dream, not allowed by either geography or human energy.

Unslaved (not verified)
on Jan 9, 2014

Harry, Ms. Brown has chosen to tell the truth instead of being a Monsanto, Factory Farm Pimp.

I suggest you are the one with blinders on and have not done your research thoroughly.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 27, 2014

I know the glysophate weed control is not what it use to be. You have to get on top of these weeds when they are small and I mean 2 to 4 inches to kill them with glysopahte or glufosinate but the other technologies behind these seed are still showing up in the yields and the drought tolerance. You can rant and rave about Monsanto, Bayer, Dow etc but the seed we are putting in the ground are a superior seed to what our daddy's planted.

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