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Pollinators peel back layer of God’s creation

  • The world of pollinators is an absolute wonder; a marvel that is seldom seen. Just a glance behind the curtain — and the complexity is numbing.

All of nature’s beauty is not equal. There is a world of absolute wonder and marvel seldom seen. Just a glance behind the curtain — and the complexity is numbing.

Over 80 percent of flowering plants need a pollinator to reproduce: bats, butterflies, birds, beetles, ants, bees, and many more. A pound of honey holds the essence of 2 million flowers, and a bee colony may log up to 55,000 miles in flight distance to gather nectar for that single pound.

(For more, see: Pound of honey a stunning bee creation)

Numbers? They tend to fade on the memory’s canvas. Stack up enough numbers or statistics — and the whole pile collapses on itself.

But pictures? Here is a stunning look into the hidden world of pollination; a film excerpt from Director Louie Schwartzberg's Disney-produced Wings of Life. The video footage is phenomenal — The Beauty of Pollination:

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