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Major media still wrong on agricultural water use


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  • State records show that media continue to lie about California agriculture's use of irrigation water


My iPhone buzzed incessantly over lunch with the usual activities. Across the Mexican restaurant full of patrons sat a citrus farmer I know. On his way out the door he commented to me about his continued quest for irrigation water.

I then received a tweet from a friend asking if I’d read the latest editorial in the Sacramento Bee that dissed farmers and their use of water. That was all the invitation I needed to check my SacBee App and find out what she was talking about.

Given my friend’s employment with an agricultural organization and her livid response, I could almost guess the Bee’s editorial without reading it.

I was almost right; it was worse.

Under the headline: “Overwatering is a crime – except for state’s biggest water user” the state’s prominent newspaper rips into agriculture, blaming it for wasting water in an epic drought year.

Somewhat shocking is the fact that a major California newspaper that is arguably more trustworthy than others sounded more like the irrelevant, loud-mouthed, childish environmental antagonists that ripped into California agriculture earlier in the month via social media after a Chico newspaper columnist sounded off about her drive through “the armpit of California.”

I truly appreciate the people who keep me posted on such issues from around the state; I can’t express just how valuable they are to what I do, but I digress.

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