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Farmer guilty of defending family with shotgun


Table of Contents:

  • Farmer guilty of defending family with shotgun
  • Blame-game
  • Young farmer Bill Edwards was arrested and jailed after defending his mother and property from metal thieves.

Liberty takes a heck of a beating when a farmer can’t defend his family and property from thieves. In an upside legal world — the victim becomes the criminal.

In 2012, young farmer Bill Edwards, 21, Scarbrough, England, caught two metal thieves stealing scrap and tools from his land and loading the material onto a moving van. (This was the second theft on the Edwards farm in a 24-hour period.) One of the thieves, David Taylor, hopped into the van and tried to escape, but was stopped when Edwards, along with his 50-year-old mother, stood before the van and blocked the path.  As Edwards told the BBC, “We stood in front of the van so he could reverse out down a narrow lane. He drove forwards instead of backwards. He drove forward and knocked my mother to the ground. He then reversed back and drove forward again.”

Edwards, armed with a 12-gauge shotgun that was never far from his side, leveled the gun and shot out the passenger side window and windshield with lightweight rabbit shot. Edwards then followed the van and called the police. After a high-speed chase, the police (thanks to Edwards) were able to catch Taylor, who brazenly claimed he fled only because Edwards shot at him.

The police promptly arrested Edwards and his mother, and frog-marched them to jail, keeping them in a cell overnight. They initially accused Edwards of attempted murder, but held back from an official charge. Incredibly, Taylor escaped court with a $150 fine after telling authorities he was actually the one who had been “traumatized” by the ordeal. Apparently the police agreed with Taylor. They seized Edwards’ firearms permit and confiscated his guns — four shotguns and two rifles (they even carted off a pellet gun) — kicking off a long legal affair.

After a month of wrangling, Edwards has finally been cleared of any crime, with the Crown Prosecution Service issuing this statement: “People are entitled to use reasonable force and self-defense to defend themselves, their family, their property. The evidence appears to support the suspects’ version of events and that they feared for both of their safety.”

(Note that in the CPS statement, Edwards and his mother are referred to as the “suspects.”)


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Edwards has been cleared of any crime, but his firearms permit has been revoked. He says guns are essential to protecting his land. From USA-UK Online: “… I could not have lambs this year without controlling vermin.”

The British Association of Shooting and Conservation has backed Edwards: “A gun is absolutely essential to a farmer. There is nothing like having your own gun to control the land,” said Senior Firearms Officer Matt Perring.

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Tom in IN (not verified)
on Jul 17, 2013

Sounds like Martin when confronted by Zimmerman, except Zimmerman had a concealed weapon. Only in FL, Martin ends up dead and Zimmerman exonerated in the battle of "self-defense" vs "self-defense".

Garry Edwards (not verified)
on Jul 22, 2013

I'm the father of Bill Edwards, and of course have been trying to help him through this ordeal.

They didn't try to stop the thief leaving, they stood aside so that he could, knowing that the police were already on their way and hoping that they would arrive in time, which they didn't. The thief drove at them repeatedly, the first attack took them by surprise and his mum ended up on her back, injured and unable to move. Bill then stood over her, loaded and fired to stop the next attack. Then there were other attacks, they were fought off in the same way, then there was a high speed chase, and eventually the police stopped the van.

That's when the problems started, and the problems were caused by certain police officers lying and making up evidence. In America, my son would have been a hero, but in this country, the police have a very different attitude. It's sad.

on Jul 11, 2015

Actually for everything security is must . The California government should take into count all of these incidents to provide a safe life to people.

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