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Farmer dragged into harvester escapes with life


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  • Severely mangled and trapped in the rollers of a potato harvester, Darren Taylor literally held on for life: "I had to stay awake to keep out of that machine. I was shouting, ‘You’re not going to pull me through.'”

Taylor’s mettle and will-to-live ordeal parallels the incredible account of producer Barry Lynch — also in October 2013. After 9 tons of farm machinery slammed down on Lynch’s leg, he was left with two options, dig or die. He spent over six agonizing hours with his leg trapped under a 9-ton chemical tank before digging down 8 inches with a pocketknife and pulling himself free. (For Barry Lynch’s story, see Cheating death with a pocketknife)

Grain bins, cotton gins, tractor turnovers, machinery accidents, and so much more: Think all the statistics about the hazards of farming are overblown? The simple truth remains that agriculture is far more dangerous than statistics show. Always has been; always will be.


For more on farming hazards, see Death on the farm a grim reality of agriculture or Farming tragedy shatters family legacy


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