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Farmer cheats death with pocketknife


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  • In the pantheon of survival stories, Barry Lynch and his pocketknife have claimed a well-deserved spot.

When his leg burst open at the calf, it brought a measure of relief, but the blood began to flow — out and down. “Where he was digging the hole was filling up with blood, so he had to keep swishing the blood away to keep digging the hole,” said Lundon.

All the while, fighting debilitating pain, blood loss and dehydration, Lynch kept digging. After six and a half hours, and an 8-inch hole in the dirt, he pulled his mangled leg free and managed to get the cell phone and call for help. Lynch’s leg injuries were extreme, but he survived the ordeal and is recovering.

In the pantheon of survival stories, Lynch and his pocketknife have claimed a well-deserved spot. Most people would have given up or given in. Not Barry Lynch; he kept digging.

(For more on farming accidents and deaths, see Death on the farm a grim reality of agriculture and Farming tragedy shatters family legacy)


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