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Mar 09, 2011

Sustainable agriculture warm, fuzzy, indefinable

Sustainable agriculture cannot be clearly defined--yet it is a warm and fuzzy term to consumers, especially since the alternative is unsustainable....More
Mar 07, 2011

Food vs. population: Malthus 200 years later

“By 2050, we will not have a planet left that is recognizable” if current food trends continue, said Jason Clay at the annual conference of the....More
Feb 24, 2011

Farm groups stepping up education efforts

House Continuing Resolution goes to Senate where it faces uncertain future....More
Feb 24, 2011

Cotton mill tour rekindles memories

The first real job, the first work I did for which I got a company paycheck, was in a cotton mill. The summer after I graduated from high school my....More
Feb 23, 2011

Food crisis topples world leaders as farm prices surge

As the scene plays out before us, a growing world population, both poor and prosperous, is demanding food while the crisis mounts. The prediction....More
Feb 18, 2011

Oprah, Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin: OK, Google, need I say more?

Oprah, Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin: OK, Google, need I say more?....More
Feb 14, 2011

China's changing labor and wage picture an influence on economies worldwide

China's changing labor and wage picture an influence on economies worldwide....More
Feb 11, 2011

World Ag Expo hangover: achy bones, upright thumbs

World Ag Expo weather was perfect with sun-drenched skies, a refreshing breeze, and light-jacket temperatures in the low 60s....More
Feb 08, 2011

Anti-biotech radical Ronnie turns on allies in resounding defeat

Some species in the animal kingdom eat their young, and if they get desperate enough they devour each other, regardless of age....More
Feb 07, 2011

Tough love as penny-pinching budget cuts examined

Tough love as Congress gets down to the penny-pinching reality of budget cuts....More
Feb 01, 2011

One hungry planet

In the future one hungry planet, that being earth, will challenge the world's farmers to produce enough food....More
Jan 31, 2011

Chinese cotton crop looking for a home, any home

Chinese storing cotton in their homes is a sign of how valuable the white fiber has become....More
Jan 28, 2011

Secretary Vilsack made the right decision on RR alfalfa

There has been considerable angst and trepidation over the past 30 days after Vilsack said he wanted to forage a coexistence between the anti-biotech....More
Jan 25, 2011

California having a winter to remember

This is a winter to remember. It's far wetter than normal. The Sierra Nevada snowpack is 200 percent of normal. It has been too many years since....More
Jan 20, 2011

Giant African snails, pink mealybugs: No, it’s not New Year hangover…

Numerous exotic — and very invasive — insects and weeds are on the list of potential invaders that Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS)....More
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