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Dec 27, 2011

Mandatory GMO food labeling implies risks where there are none14

Mandatory GMO labels would not only put groundless fears ahead of science — promoting ignorance and hysteria among consumers — they would also be....More
Dec 24, 2011

The best Christmas gifts don’t come from the mall or online browsing

Christmases past: the best gifts didn't come from the mall or online ordering....More
Dec 20, 2011

When guidelines become regulations: tackling the EPA’s sleight-of-hand

Regulatory issues are likely to continue to be an area of skirmishing as discussions for the 2012 farm bill go forward....More
Dec 14, 2011

In slashing funding for ag, seniors, kids programs, don’t overlook bloated defense budget

"Defense spending is now absolutely off the charts by any modern historical measure -- this level of spending is absolutely staggering."....More
Dec 13, 2011

Agriculture takes on factory environmentalism

Has the Waterkeeper Alliance become the very type of institution it professes to despise? It sure looks like it....More
Dec 07, 2011

Bright agricultural prospects for 2012 as 2011 winds down

2011 closes on good note for most California and Arizona growers. California water supply carryover offers optimism for next year. We are blessed to....More
Dec 02, 2011

Government proposal jeopardizes rural life, work ethic1

In my wonderful years growing up in Mississippi, my body was often a haven for scrapes and bruises. These temporary wounds were usually caused....More
Nov 30, 2011

San Joaquin Valley roadside snow beautiful to behold

Roadside snowfall is heavier this fall in the San Joaquin Valley than it has been in several years, and it is beautiful. Tufts of cotton (snow)....More
Nov 30, 2011

MF Global: funds found but mystery deepens

As FBI and Justice Department investigations into the collapse of MF Global continue, there have been several developments in recent days....More
Nov 28, 2011

South Korea, FTAs and word association

Consider these words: “partisan government, teargas, and anger over income inequality.” To the average American, those eight words....More
Nov 21, 2011

DeMint’s amendment to repeal check-offs – is he serious?

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint entered an amendment to Congress to terminate 20 commodity check-off programs. Is he serious? Apparently so....More
Nov 16, 2011

My hero will always be a plant physiologist1

To plagiarize Waylon and Willie, 'My heroes have always been plant physiologists.' Particularly V.T. Walhood, 89 years old and a member of ‘The....More
Nov 14, 2011

Beetle-mimicking irrigation system wins Dyson award2

A young Australian engineer has won the 2011 James Dyson Award for developing a low-maintenance, solar-powered, drip-irrigation system....More
Nov 10, 2011

2011 Cotton Photo Contest Winners Announced

We have had a wonderful response to our first photo contest and the winners of the Cotton photo contest are announced....More
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