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San Luis Reservoir
Nov 14, 2013

Water conservation: It's not just for agriculture2

Until urban water users are cut back to a fraction of their allocations, little will likely change in California water policy....More
Nov 12, 2013

What 4 agriculture objects made America?3

What four ag items would show up on a list of the 101 most important objects in American history?....More
Nov 12, 2013

When fixing the problem creates another one

How government fixes become the problem....More
Nov 11, 2013

The myth of the aging US farmer3

Farmers are getting older, but only at the same rate as the rest of the American workforce....More
Nov 11, 2013

Biggest wine hoax of all? Kurniawan insanity plea1

Rudy Kurniawan is accused of hoaxing the wine world, and now the hoax may be on the court. When all else fails, plead insanity....More
Nov 11, 2013

Washington state GMO labeling initiative soundly defeated2

At least $68 million has been poured down a rat hole thanks a bunch of brainless anarchists who don’t seem to understand that the public is not....More
Protest sign
Nov 11, 2013

When disagreements abound over water1

Drought conditions not the only reason water is in short supply for farmers, fish and homeowners alike....More
Nov 07, 2013

Deer in rut can be a killing machine

Even if a deer is bottle-fed or raised with human contact, when the rut kicks in and testosterone flows — a buck turns from timidity to terror....More
Nov 06, 2013

No water for agriculture is slow-moving disaster2

There are no gut-wrenching photos or blaring headlines chronicling the slow moving catastrophe that is the California water disaster....More
Nov 05, 2013

Farmer’s field to loaf record gets Guinness nod

How long does it take to harvest wheat and bake 13 loaves of bread? For producer Neil Unger, only 16 minutes and 30 seconds — field to loaf....More
Nov 04, 2013

Farmland too often not seen for environmental benefits1

Agriculture gets too little credit and too much blame for its environmental impacts....More
Nov 04, 2013

Fall is a celebration of harvests, friends, success

The fall months are a celebratory time of the year in agriculture. Growers are busily harvesting an abundance of various crops following months of....More
Oct 31, 2013

Is the wine shortage a false alarm?

There is no wine supply apocalypse, but the flow is tightening....More
Oct 29, 2013

Cargo theft, cattle rustling cripple farmers and ranchers1

Cargo theft and cattle rustling are crippling crimes for farmers and ranchers. Theft may take the form of one big grab and run, or it may be the....More
Oct 28, 2013

Pig farmer replays Deliverance with repo men

When pig farmer Donal Connaughton tried forcing two repo men to strip naked and hop in a pen with a hog, it was almost like a real-life version of....More
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