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Aug 28, 2013

Worshipping the golden calf — wagyu style

The wagyu beef market is flooded with fakes, but prices for the genuine article can reach $1,760 per pound....More
Aug 28, 2013

Water challenges will not be solved this way6

Agricultural water challenges continue to be ignored by policy makers while environmentalists offer few solutions....More
Aug 26, 2013

Meet the apostle of post-organic agriculture

Leontino Balbo Junior preaches the gospel of ecosystem revitalizing agriculture — ERA....More
Aug 26, 2013

Ag education gets $2 million boost at Chico State

Philanthropist donates $2 million to California State University, Chico for agricutlure program scholarships....More
Aug 23, 2013

Save the cockroaches, flies, fleas, white grubs11

Don’t stop short environmental whackos. Cockroaches, fleas, flies and white grubs need your support in trying to ban neonicotinoids....More
Aug 23, 2013

'5 Foods You Should Never Eat' list absurd2

While recently checking out the latest news on the website, a video link caught my eye with the title “5 Foods You Should Never Eat....More
Aug 21, 2013

Death on the farm a grim reality of agriculture1

Death on the farm is often just one accident away....More
Aug 20, 2013

Like agriculture, bats need better PR

Wind turbines kill millions of birds annually, and the environmental lobby says nothing. Meanwhile, kill a few small fish and a whole industry and....More
Aug 20, 2013

Parasitic wasp enlisted in fight against ACP2

Parasitic wasp being tested to control populations of Asian Citrus Psyllid in San Diego County....More
Aug 20, 2013

Could neonics on retail nursery stock be to blame?2

Study links widespread bee deaths with residues of neonicotinoids on retail nursery plants....More
Aug 19, 2013

Would you drink GM wine?8

If a modern-day plague swept across the world's vineyards, would GMOs be an option to stop it?....More
Aug 18, 2013

Ethanol pits growers against each other1

US ethanol policy blamed for higher food and fuel costs as speculators bid up feed and fuel futures....More
Aug 16, 2013

Land grant institutions are foundational to agriculture

American agriculture thrives today because of the cooperative relationships built between university researchers and growers....More
Aug 15, 2013

Too many straws have emptied the bucket3

Water wells continue to dry up in states like Texas and California because environmentalists don't like dams....More
Aug 14, 2013

Moonshining loses the bootlegger label

Moonshiners, once with a perpetual ear to the ground, are no longer running from the feds. In short, the bootlegger’s son has gone legit....More
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