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Shasta Dam
Feb 05, 2014

What happens when reservoirs go dry? Then what?

California's failure to improve water infrastructure and build more water storage will be a painful lesson to all this summer....More
Feb 04, 2014

Who killed the Big Lebowski of Belgium?

Whodunnit: Who killed the Big Lebowski of Belgium — Titus Clarysse?....More
Feb 03, 2014

Benchmark GM crop contamination case a bitter tale

A landmark court case involving GM contamination of organic crops has torn a farming community apart....More
Friant Dam
Jan 29, 2014

Why did Feinstein block emergency water plan?

Farm Bill passes without emergency plan to preserve reservoir water....More
Jan 29, 2014

How to create an epic environmental disaster

Suck out enough water and the well goes dry: The Aral Sea’s disappearance is a benchmark reminder that water choices have pay-to-play consequences....More
Jan 27, 2014

Big Ag goes organic (Come again?)

There’s a trillion dollars riding on the global produce market and Big Ag is moving toward a much larger non-GMO and organic share....More
Jan 23, 2014

Farm’s Nazi past still fresh for slave workers

The Cruzeiro do Sul farm still bears the swastika marks from a forgotten piece of Nazi history....More
Jan 21, 2014

Farmer privacy breach brings suit against EPA

Farmer privacy and agroterrorism are both factors in a suit against the EPA over the release of sensitive agriculture data....More
The California Aqueduct
Jan 21, 2014

Drain Hetch Hetchy and send the water to Westlands

California's drought designation is premature, you say?....More
Jan 20, 2014

Dave’s Killer Bread redemption tale breaks bad

Dave Dahl’s redemption road from drugs and 15 years in prison to phenomenal success in the bread industry has jackknifed back toward a courtroom....More
Urban encroachment
Jan 17, 2014

Urban planners fail to ask all the right questions

Sustainability must include America's ability to remain agriculturally self-sufficient....More
Jan 15, 2014

Drop the bratwurst and build a Zeppelin

Zeppelins once caused a massive sausage shortage during World War l. No cows, no Zeppelins....More
Migrant farmworker harvesting lettuce
Jan 15, 2014

It's not just 'industrial ag' that profits handsomely

Does whether food produced by organic practices or through conventional means matter to the starting person?....More
Jan 14, 2014

James Bond once worked for the EPA

So much for EPA oversight. John Beale, EPA's bizarre James Bond, claimed to be a CIA agent for 13 years — and almost got away with it....More
Irrigation ditch.
Jan 14, 2014

When truth and hyperbole combine

How truth and hyperbole are used to market false premises....More
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