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California is the largest producer of processing tomatoes in the USA
Oct 19, 2016

California agricultural losses were largely predictable

Of all the impacts California’s climatic and regulatory drought had on the state in 2015, there’s one number that should be reflective of....More
Farms near schools targeted for tighter restrictions
Oct 19, 2016

Reaction: tighter state rules on pesticides 'unnecessary'1

Agriculture says DPR plan to further restrict pesticide use near schools is completely "unnecessary" and does not factor in local control and success....More
State water officials likely won't stop with the Tuolumne River
Oct 15, 2016

Are farmers, San Francisco up the same river?

Rather than call out the hypocrisy of San Francisco’s complaint that losing nearly half of its Tuolumne River water to the State Water Board....More
Blue Diamond Almonds will be prominently featured on NBA jerseys in 2017 season
Oct 12, 2016

Blue Diamond takes marketing game to the NBA level

Fresh off of sponsorship programs with U.S. Olympic swim and volleyball teams, Blue Diamond Almonds upped its game to include a California NBA....More
Are current communications efforts by American agriculture profitable?
Oct 05, 2016

Do the 'conversations' about agriculture have good ROI?

For me the bad taste started when panelist Bruce Goldstein, president, Farmworker Justice, implied bribery and other illegal activities between....More
How long can California remain an agricultural giant in America?
Oct 03, 2016

Could California's attack on agriculture be fatal blow?

The next California exodus could be almost biblical in proportion given that every one of those leaving will have effectively one thing in common:....More
American agriculture uses high-technology to stay in business
Sep 28, 2016

How to help public understand agricultural complexities1

“Many food shoppers have difficulty comprehending the scale and complexity facing modern farmers,” Lusk writes. Therein lays the problem – and a....More
Sep 27, 2016

Market forces will decide future of guayule production

Western Farm Press published several articles and photo galleries over the last month on a new crop option – guayule – which could be....More
Sacramento prides itself on local food
Sep 18, 2016

The irony of celebrating local food in Sacramento

Food production doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The right combination of soil, climate and irrigation water that has long-blessed California with such....More
Sep 16, 2016

Organic movement is paying a big price3

I confess. I bought organic. I really had no choice if I wanted to buy raisins at Costco. Organic Sun-Maid raisins are the only raisins the biggest....More
Sep 13, 2016

Government actions can sway Calif. growers to move4

For California farmers, recent decisions by the state’s legislative and executive branches of government, including Governor Brown’s....More
Irrigation water is important to California's economy
Sep 13, 2016

When agriculture succeeds we all prosper

Fresno County Agricultural Commissioner Les Wright likes to point out that his county’s drop to the No. 3 slot is completely due to water as growers....More
California lettuce harvest could become more expensive under new law
Sep 12, 2016

Agriculture reacts to California's new overtime law2

That said, Gov. Brown just signed into law AB 1066, a bill that forces farmers to pay their employees overtime after 8 hours per day. Current law....More
Flooded roadway
Sep 11, 2016

Will West see good winter without El Niño-La Niña?

Remember about this time last year when we were told to brace ourselves for an epic El Niño, the likes of which we may have never seen?....More
Sep 08, 2016

Can California agriculture remain sustainable?2

Citing U.S. Department of Agriculture numbers, the CDFA suggests gross crop values could be down about $9.5 billion from the 2014 figure that came in....More
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