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U.S. Medals of Honor
Mar 26, 2014

March 25 was not just National Ag Day

National Ag Day and National Medal of Honor Day on same day: which one got more attention?....More
Mar 24, 2014

Western agricultural scientist touts GMO safety, benefits

I am a strong proponent of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) as a safe and healthy way to produce high quality food and fiber to help feed and....More
Dry irrigation ditch
Mar 24, 2014

Can Sites Reservoir get honest hearing?

Sites Reservoir project formally introduced in Congress....More
California State Capitol
Mar 13, 2014

American exceptionalism starts with education

American exceptionalism is borne from a passion, but is fueled by education....More
Mar 12, 2014

Are we too balkanized to solve our problems?

Are we too balkanized to address our agricultural challenges in a highly urbanized society?....More
Colorful boxes of oranges
Mar 10, 2014

What if agriculture could make Twitter skip a beat?

What if agriculture's message could make Twitter skip a beat?....More
Shasta Dam
Mar 03, 2014

Water rights holders call Feds on contract violation

California water rights holders call Feds on contract violation....More
Feb 26, 2014

Greenpeace knows no shame in Golden Rice battle

Golden rice, a means to prevent the deaths of millions of children from vitamin A deficiency, is actively opposed by groups like Greenpeace....More
Feb 24, 2014

Operation Danish Bacon is not about animal rights

The military should always be allowed to train surgeons with pigs or other live animals, despite protests from PETA....More
San Luis Reservoir
Feb 24, 2014

Part Two: California has failed miserably

California has failed miserably in terms of water policy and infrastructure, says one water manager....More
Casa de Fruta
Feb 19, 2014

Don't laugh: Lady Gaga could be great for California Ag

California agriculture needs people like Lady Gaga....More
Feb 19, 2014

Mafia goodfellas pinched in fish and pineapple caper

How long does a fish packed with cocaine stay frozen? How many grams of coke can be stuffed into each fish and how many fish are required? In the....More
Feb 19, 2014

Part One: How to animate a water manager

Some people still believe that commercial growers can manage their way out of severe drought through conservation alone....More
Feb 18, 2014

Obama administration misses boat on drought assistance

Obama Administration's drought financial assistance package contains nearly nothing for crop growers. It is a slap in the face....More
Feb 14, 2014

Obama lectures California on climate change

President Obama visits drought-parched California and promises money to help....More
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