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Lettuce field in the Salinas Valley of California.
Sep 20, 2013

What FFA continues to teach me as a consumer

Art auction as part of "Year of the Farmer" campaign will benefit local FFA chapters across America....More
Various life stages of the Asian citrus psyllid on a citrus tree.
Sep 18, 2013

ACP, HLB fight in California could get cash infusion

State legislation aims to give $5 million a year towards citrus pest and disease battles in California....More
Sep 18, 2013

Farmers and falcons team up for crop protection

Bird damage across the United States costs growers hundreds of millions in annual profit — bring on the falcon patrols....More
Sep 16, 2013

Honey bees to rent? Demand will only grow

The greatest pollination show on Earth is a mix of staggering honey bee and almond numbers....More
Sep 13, 2013

Tulare County dodges HLB bullet

Tests on massive Asian psyllid discovery in Tulare County return negative....More
Sep 11, 2013

Extensive PNW testing turns up no more GMO wheat

It is highly unlikely that a bag of conventional wheat seed was inadvertently contaminated by RR wheat....More
Sep 10, 2013

Wine fakes didn’t begin or end with Rudy Kurniawan1

Despite heightened awareness, anti-counterfeiting specialists and new tech barriers, policing wine fraud is a high-wire act. There will always be....More
Sep 10, 2013

Why peaches were so good this summer3

There are peach growers and packers out there who are delivering a beautiful, tasty piece of fruit to consumers. Thanks to you all....More
Sep 09, 2013

California uses media to combat Asian citrus psyllid

California citrus growers reach out to residents about the dangers of the Asian citrus psyllid through mass media and social media....More
Sep 09, 2013

Ag research delivers critical answers for growers, consumers

As the football season shifts into high gear, televisions across the nation will display pigskin drama aplenty. I enjoy watching ‘Hail Mary....More
Sep 05, 2013

EPA using guns, body armor to enforce Clean Water Act?2

EPA is using guns, body armor to enforce Clean Water Act?....More
Sep 05, 2013

Sustaining agriculture from the board room

Ag organization leaders recognize need for cooperative spirit in political debates....More
Sep 04, 2013

PETA: Light up - just do not eat the foie gras1

Chefs say they will ignore California's foie gras ban....More
Sep 03, 2013

Regulating ourselves to death3

The slow creep of government regulation over the rights of American landowners is a barely perceptible process in which laws and regulations quietly....More
Aug 28, 2013

PETA blames genital size on chicken wings2

PETA is blaming small genitalia on the consumption of buffalo chicken wings....More
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