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Dry dock
Apr 27, 2015

National focus on California drought has its benefits1

National attention of California's drought serves as good conversation-starter....More
Apr 24, 2015

California agriculture-drought complaints just don’t hold water6

The California almond industry continues to be challenged by mainstream media and others for its water use in a state trying to keep its – uh....More
Almond trees benefit nature
Apr 23, 2015

Addressing climate change one orchard at a time2

California farmers fail to get credit for helping address climate change by planting millions of acres of trees....More
Shasta Dan hydro facilities
Apr 10, 2015

California water decisions lead to misplaced outrage4

California's drought and the misplaced outrage over water allocations....More
Apr 10, 2015

California agriculture's use of water is not the problem1

U.S. water policy has pushed humans to secondary users of water behind the environment....More
Apr 08, 2015

Sticky cotton prevention requires total industry involvement

The global agricultural industry has its list of challenges. Quality always remains a top priority across the farming sector, including the cotton....More
Severe drought
Apr 06, 2015

When numbers and stories don't add up to good policy2

California's water policy is failing to help farmers, cities and the environment....More
Severe drought
Apr 02, 2015

State regulators defend California agriculture5

When state regulators defend agriculture the best thing we can do is say 'thank you.'....More
Farmer's Market
Mar 24, 2015

What if California stopped growing food for consumers?1

Could drought be an open door to beginning policy discussion on very basic questions about water?....More
house fly
Mar 20, 2015

Activist groups not much different than a fly

Mission statements of activist groups don't match their true motives....More
Mar 18, 2015

Agriculturalists weigh in, discuss mandatory GMO labeling issue7

In recent months, two speakers at major farm industry events held in the West shared their thoughts on the proposed mandatory labeling of food....More
Presidents Kennedy and Eisenhower visit in Palm Springs
Mar 18, 2015

Remembering Kennedy's words on National Ag Day

On National Ag Day we remember the words of President Kennedy at San Luis Dam dedication....More
California drought conditions worsen
Mar 09, 2015

California's lack of embarrassment is appalling2

Third world water conditions exist in same state responsible for the personal computer....More
Springtime in California
Mar 09, 2015

Join us for California and Arizona's near-perfect weather

While East Coast shivers California and Arizona bask under near-perfect weather....More
Mar 04, 2015

'Mr. Spock’s death a reminder of life-changing scientific strides

I’ve always been interested in science, the future, and wondering about how the next great invention could reshape the world. Television actor....More
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