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Feb 02, 2012

Crow ping-pong and the hunt for glory2

Who invents a game called crow ping-pong anyhow? Next time someone claims that America has cornered the global market on the unusual, the Germans....More
Feb 01, 2012

Apple’s 'Siri' needs a digital update on agriculture

One of the most fun new digital “toys” on the market is the new Apple iPhone 4S cell phone. Television commercials on Apple’s latest telephone....More
Jan 30, 2012

Opera star, farmer, innovator all rolled into one

Opera and farming are two callings rarely mentioned in the same breath. But there is a farmer in California who excels at them both. Zach Sheely is a....More
Jan 26, 2012

Drill, baby, drill—then wave goodbye as fuels leave U.S.1

An estimated $88 billion worth of U.S. fuel products went to export in the year just ended....More
Jan 26, 2012

Domestic terror attack on cattle feeding operation chilling2

The January terrorist attack on 14 trucks and trailers at Harris Feeding Co. near Coalinga, Calif., drew quick and unequivocal condemnation from many....More
Jan 25, 2012

North Korean freak show rolls on: fat men and famines

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il left behind a legacy of platform shoes, puffy hair, Swedish hookers, a vast cognac collection, ostrich farms — and oh....More
Jan 24, 2012

Huanglongbing disease raps on Western citrus’ front door

While HLB is the worst citrus disease in the world, an informed Western citrus industry has prepared for the sudden rap on the front door by this....More
Jan 23, 2012

Taking issue with negative article on ag majors

A career, whether it’s in agriculture or business or rocket science, should be about more than a paycheck....More
Jan 23, 2012

EPA hunting bullfrogs with shotgun in Sackett case5

The EPA has 17,000 full time employees and approximately an $8.4 billion budget. It also has a fondness for hunting bullfrogs with a shotgun....More
Jan 20, 2012

The sorry state of nation’s roads: funding shortfall isn’t helping any

The federal gasoline tax was last increased in 1993 and since that time vehicle miles traveled have risen almost 30 percent and construction/....More
Jan 20, 2012

US bleeds debt while the band plays on1

How is America approaching $16.4 trillion in debt and where do we consign blame? Nobody on Capitol Hill will say it, but we can all see it. America....More
Jan 12, 2012

From telegraph to social media, we live to connect

The first text message was sent 157 years ago by Samuel F.B. Morse. We've come a long way since....More
Jan 12, 2012

Agriculture today – golden age or wishful thinking?1

U.S. farmers enjoy their best run in decades thanks to high prices for many crops, livestock and farmland and strong global demand for corn used in....More
Jan 10, 2012

Poking around in animal entrails: problems in search of solutions

Agreement on anything seems impossible for a Congress whose public approval rating just keeps plummeting toward zero....More
Dec 30, 2011

As battered, bedraggled 2011 fades away, some wishes for the new year

As 2011 fades away, some wishes for the new year....More
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