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Dec 17, 2010

USDA's biotech ag alliance efforts likely to end in futility or worse

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack at least gets credit for trying to forge a coexistence alliance between those who advocate biotech agriculture....More
Dec 16, 2010

Good riddance 2010; motion sickness pills for 2011

The fairy tale that elected national leaders in 2011 will construct a compromise toward a balanced federal budget is a dream. Then again we are a....More
Dec 10, 2010

Ag exports: How long the bright spot in U.S. trade?

How long will ag exports remain the bright spot in U.S. trade balance?....More
Dec 08, 2010

Oprah's couch, WikiLeaks and the USDA's farmer lawsuits

Roll out the red tape — and possibly the red carpet. Roll it right up to the USDA collection booth and let the compensation flow. Better yet, dump....More
Dec 03, 2010

Fast food purgatory and the elusive McRib

Fast food purgatory: unwanted sales pitches and the elusive McRib....More
Dec 01, 2010

Physical cotton prices exceed $1.50

Who knows when this wild cotton ride will end. In the meantime, these are exciting times for those still selling cotton....More
Nov 29, 2010

How long will taxpayers subsidize Big Oil?

When will Congress stop using taxpayer dollars to subsidize major oil companies?....More
Nov 22, 2010

Costly RR alfalfa legal travesty finally coming to end

The four-year legal charade perpetrated by radical environmentalists is about over. If the government gets a bill for legal services; shred it. The....More
Nov 19, 2010

Conrad declines to take Ag Committee helm

North Dakota senators says he will retain Budget Committee chairman and be a senior member of the Agriculture Committee....More
Nov 19, 2010

Whose ox to gore when cutting budgets?

When Congress starts making cuts the voters have indicated they want in government programs, where will those cuts be made?....More
Nov 17, 2010

Satellite radio recalls bygone era

If someone had told me 30 years ago that I would someday pay to have a radio installed in my vehicle and then pay a monthly fee to listen to it I....More
Nov 16, 2010

Physical cotton prices exceed $1.50

Who knows when this wild cotton ride will end? In the meantime, these are exciting times for those still selling cotton....More
Nov 12, 2010

Changing government easier said than done

Making things better: Changing government is easier said than done, the new crop of lawmakers will find....More
Nov 10, 2010

Jerry Brown's second California gubernatorial reign begins

Meg Whitman squandered $140 to $160 million - depending on who is counting - trying to buy the California governorship....More
Nov 04, 2010

E-15 ruling – a sow’s ear to a silk purse?

The Renewable Fuels Association is trying to say positive, noting that the EPA waiver is a step in the right direction. But the ruling is still one....More
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