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Dec 12, 2012

Big ag equally big food provider for hungry, homeless1

Here are three stories about agriculture you’ll not likely see in local newspapers, which seem to be more inclined to bash big agriculture than glean....More
Dec 10, 2012

Farm murders met with media silence5

The circumstance and manner of death are numbing: farmers hacked and mutilated by machetes, dragged to death behind vehicles, stabbed with farm tools....More
Dec 07, 2012

Predicting the future – hits and misses

In 2006, USDA's Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture forecast that over the next decade China and India would be key....More
Dec 06, 2012

Move agriculture to the big city and save the planet3

The idea of buying farm produce locally has spawned a number of far out ideas over the years. But one I read recently – moving agriculture into....More
Dec 05, 2012

Latest PETA scam wrestles dollars from your wallet4

The people at PETA must sleep at night while dreaming up scamming visions designed to finagle you – the John Q. Public – to hand over your hard-....More
Dec 03, 2012

Forensic marker dogs on trail of metal thieves

Welcome to the golden age of copper theft. For thieves, copper is the trump card, and its value has steadily risen since 2002, when the value dipped....More
Dec 03, 2012

U.S. agriculture needs a transfusion of youth4

With so many farmers nearing retirement, the question looms, who will farm this land in 2025, a scant 13 years from now? The challenge of replacing....More
Nov 30, 2012

‘Sustainable fish’ sounds a bit fishy to me6

Sustainable has been so overused, misused and shanghaied to describe just about anything, that it has become unsustainable. How do you identify a....More
Nov 29, 2012

Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ 50 years later4

To make Silent Spring a best seller, Rachel Carson needed something sinister. So she hinted strongly at potential links between pesticides and cancer....More
Nov 28, 2012

GMO scare is a lot of hype with little substance18

Several years ago I received a news release, just before Thanksgiving, urging folks to abstain from turkey at their holiday feast and to substitute “....More
Nov 27, 2012

Proposition 37 – gone, but probably not forgotten4

The organic trade industry insisted that Proposition 37 was strictly a means to provide consumers with the right to know what’s in the products they....More
Nov 20, 2012

World without Ding Dongs is a sad day3

When I heard the news, I summoned my wife. “Jump in the pickup, Momma. We’re gonna to make the rounds of all the grocery stores in town and pile the....More
Nov 19, 2012

PETA and the death of sanity6

It’s unfair to label People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as an extremist organization. Giving PETA that tag is an unjust, terrible insult to....More
Nov 14, 2012

Thanksgiving blessings: food, football and Netflix1

The U.S. is the best-fed nation on Earth and not by happenstance. Agriculture’s well-oiled feeding machine provides us with the most abundant and....More
Nov 11, 2012

'Nice Rides in Ag' emerges from Old Yeller commentary

A few weeks back I wrote about my trip in Old Yeller to the Good Guys West Coast Nationals in Pleasanton, Calif. What a response? I knew there were....More
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