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Sep 07, 2011

Time to take on anti-biotech crowd over GMO labeling

The California anti-biotech/anti-genetically modified/anti-science crowd is at it again. This time around they are calling themselves “advocates for....More
Sep 06, 2011

Social media offers insights on organic farming

Social media can sometimes provide a colossal opportunity to fritter away time that could better be used to accomplish a bit of work. It can suck you....More
Sep 03, 2011

At $5 billion yearly, the public may wonder: Is Congress worth the cost?

Taxpayers may wonder: Is Congress worth the $5 billion yearly cost?....More
Aug 29, 2011

Oil from the reserve: was it an emergency or just political theater?

Was the release of oil from the nation's strategic reserve an emergency, or just politics?....More
Aug 23, 2011

West coast lifeguard – not a bad gig, and free sunglasses too

Trade in your tractor cab for an ivory tower by the beach. It's a lot less stressful, and it pays good too....More
Aug 22, 2011

Currency reform act: Would it help level the trade playing field?

Would the proposed Currency Reform Act help level the trade playing field?....More
Aug 17, 2011

‘Dirty Dozen’ still kicking up dirt on EWG

The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) disputable 'Dirty Dozen' is still in the news, and that’s good. This year there was a marked increase in....More
Aug 16, 2011

Western fruit and vegetable growers deserve culinary bow

It seems like yesterday but 33 years have passed since this green journalist right out of ‘Moo U’ (Mississippi State University) began....More
Aug 12, 2011

545 versus 312 million people

One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one president, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 312 million are directly....More
Aug 08, 2011

Good times for farm prices, but costs keep upward climb

Good times for farm prices, but costs keep upward climb....More
Aug 04, 2011

The debt ceiling farce: straining at gnats, accomplishing not much of anything

The debt ceiling farce: straining at gnats, accomplishing not much of anything....More
Aug 01, 2011

Rural population decline poses ag program challenges

Farm spending makes a great target when so much of the U.S. budget is off limits. A recent report from the non-profit Population Reference Bureau....More
Jul 27, 2011

California wine grape growers hope good times continue

California may be the most diversified agricultural region in the nation and the world, yet there are some interesting parallels between the....More
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